Pull out the plug from the mains.
Disconnect the cord from the TV and twist it gently.
Wipe the TV if necessary with a dry cloth or a special damp cloth.
Wrap the whole TV with bubble wrap.
Put it in a cardboard box, making sure that inside it is tightly fixed with foam corners. If they are not preserved, you can use a regular newspaper or the same air-bubble film for sealing.
If it is raining outside, then it will not be superfluous to wrap the cardboard box with stretch film. This way the box can be safely placed on the floor.
Make a handle out of tape so that you can load the box vertically (it is not recommended to transport lying down).
Make sure the TV does not move or fall during transportation. To do this, it is better to use special transport with the presence of fixing belts in the cargo compartment.
When moving, there are a lot of things, including large household appliances and furniture. Make sure that the large and heavy cargo standing next to the TV, which can damage the electronics in transit, is also securely fastened with straps. And definitely do not put any other things on the TV box.
As in any move, it is worth observing the speed limit within 70 km/h, not slowing down abruptly and thinking through the logistics in advance – the best time to move is on a weekend in the morning to avoid traffic jams.