While phones are protected from drops with special glass, TVs do not have this feature. And comparing with the phone, we can safely say that you will not go and replace the glass in the nearest store for a couple of thousand rubles. With a cracked screen, you will have to buy a new TV – and this is far from a couple of thousand rubles, but much more. The only thing that can protect the TV screen is competent and reliable packaging. That is why it is given great attention during transportation.

It is best to use the original packaging with foam inserts. At this stage, either you are the lucky one who does not throw the boxes out of the store, or you are a talented inventor who will make this box himself! In any case, you definitely should not throw out boxes from stores from TVs with a diagonal of 60 inches and above. If the original packaging is still not preserved, then in order to safely transport a TV with a large diagonal (for example, 65 inches), you yourself will have to create a special box of lightweight plywood that will protect the screen, so professionals are often trusted to transport large TVs – special moving companies.