1. Pick up the brownie from the old apartment before move with http://flashmoving.net/

Brownies are good spirits that protect people and their homes. It is believed that they are in every apartment. However, not all people notice the presence of such a neighbor.

When moving, it is recommended to take the brownie with you so that he can protect the new home.

You can do this in different ways:

A. You need to put sweets in a box, while inviting the brownie to move with your family. The box is left open overnight. In the morning, it is carefully closed and transported to a new home.

B. Brownies love order, so you need to sweep the floor in the old apartment, collect the dust in a pile and throw it away. The broom should be left near the door on the floor. It is believed that the brownie will move with him to a new apartment. The broom must be transported separately from other things.

You need to invite a brownie to another apartment from the bottom of your heart. If a person does not believe in the existence of a good spirit, the ritual is not worth it.

Immediately after the move, you need to feed the brownie, tired during the trip. To do this, pour a little milk into a bowl, you can put something sweet next to it – an open bar of chocolate, candy. You need to put food where no one can get it (for example, on the refrigerator).

2. Take old slippers to a new apartment

Often people take old slippers with them to a new apartment. It helps to feel comfortable in a new place. The ritual has another meaning: the comfort and happiness that reigned in the previous place of residence will be transferred to a new apartment.

3. Let the cat into the house first

It is believed that cats are able to feel bad energy in the home. Therefore, in the first place, not movers are allowed into a new apartment, but a cat. It is necessary that the black cat enter the house first. Cats are also suitable for this purpose, but not so well. In addition, the animal must have a calm character. And the main rule for moving with a cat is that you cannot force him to cross the threshold. The animal is quite cautious, and at first it will want to sniff and look around. As soon as the cat crosses the threshold itself, it will be possible to enter the rest of the family.

4. Lubricate all corners of the dwelling with honey

All corners of a new house must be smeared with honey. You can’t skip them. This has been done for a long time, believing that this rite will make the life of people (especially newlyweds) sweet, will help to avoid quarrels and disagreements.

5. Take coins and banknotes with you

There are several signs that are associated with money. It is recommended to throw a handful of coins on the floor at the entrance to the house. This ritual guarantees new residents prosperity and well-being in a new place.

When leaving an old house, it is advised to leave some coins or a few banknotes in an inconspicuous place. You need to remember the boomerang rule, which says that you first need to give something, and then get back.

6. Hang a horseshoe over the door

The talisman, placed upside down, resembles a cup of abundance. In this way, it is hung over the front door from the INSIDE. It is believed that the house in which there is such a bowl will soon be filled with prosperity, and peace and harmony will reign in the family. A horseshoe nailed OUTSIDE looks like a protective dome. She will protect the home from the visits of people who have unkind thoughts, from negative energy, from evil spirits.

Remember? But the main thing that should accompany a family when moving is a good mood and a positive attitude! This will help to cope with any difficulties and problems.