It should be noted that a rented warehouse should not be confused with a mini-warehouse, so below we will explain the features of each of these services. All of them can be used after move with

The differences between traditional storage and mini-warehouse are as follows:

The client has his own key and easy access to his belongings at any time, including weekends and holidays.
Storage in small rooms or boxes, where the client can organize and lay out his belongings at his own discretion.
Accessibility for individuals or companies that do not have enough space at home / in the office and there is a need to often rent / take things.
Typically, the cost of storage in a mini warehouse is higher than in a traditional warehouse.

Access is limited by the hour and usually only on business days Monday through Friday.
Storage on pallets, in wooden containers from 6 to 12 cubic meters. or in metal containers from 33 to 66 cubic meters.
Suitable for individuals or companies in the process of moving.
Suitable for individuals or corporate clients who do not have enough space at home / office and do not need to check in / out often.