One thing you notice when moving to a new city with is the people. Of course, some features of the local culture may differ, but we are all modern Homo sapiens with an innate desire to communicate. Forgetting my introversion, I adopted an extroverted approach to life. In the first months after my move, I got to know the local vegetarian community and found the right yoga classes for me. When I started to crawl out of my cocoon, my love for animals led me to look for appropriate volunteer organizations. Now my weekends are filled with socializing with people with similar interests. I began to feel a sense of belonging to a new city and a resurgence of self-love.

I now realize that moving was the best decision I have made in a long time. I thought that this way I could erase all the pain from my past, but as a result, I was able to look inside myself and deal with this pain. Then a more extroverted version of myself emerged. With this newfound feeling of energy, I began to explore new territory, and in doing so, I managed to improve my daily routine. The friendly and interesting people I met along the way helped me restore my faith in humanity and get rid of the habit of avoiding society. If you, too, want to pack your bags in search of brighter horizons, my advice is for you: believe in the power of change, but most importantly, believe in yourself.